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Todd Carling

Business Development


Todd Carling’s innovative marketing and business development skill set thrives at the intersection of senior living communities and technology that improves the lives of seniors. Todd utilizes his technological insight, strong network of relationships, and desire to outpace the status quo to implement better systems and experiences in the senior care industry. Promoting safety, health, connection, and entertainment in the lives of seniors through proprietary technology, innovative wellness programs, and successful health-centered systems—for which he leads the development—has been an honor in his career.

Todd is currently the Business Development & Tech Advisor at the Fellowship Square-Mesa senior living community in Arizona, where seniors soak up the sunshine and warmer temperatures. Beyond his primary role, he is a well-respected innovator on a national level in the senior living industry. The technology innovation awards and recognition received by leading senior care organizations, plus revered partners (including Amazon and the Arizona State University Cloud Innovation Center), further motivate Todd to continue building and negotiating a better, unique senior resident experience for aging loved ones.

His history as a certified marketing and sales professional demonstrates strong experience serving the needs of customers, implementing communication strategies, building marketing programs, and seeking out optimized experiences for various audiences. These skills, coupled with Todd’s drive to improve business operations and efficiencies, have enabled him to greatly impact the senior living communities where he helps lead the organization and support the residents. 

In his personal time outside of senior care, Todd enjoys spending time outdoors, with his family, and volunteered as a Crew Advisor for the Boy Scouts of America: Grand Canyon Council as a mentor to the participating adults and youth. Todd looks forward to connecting with others who support the mission of improving senior lives