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The award-winning technological support that Fellowship Square-Mesa has set up behind the scenes is enabling strong communication and helping senior residents living in our innovative community regain control of their lives and functions. Given the placement of over 260 Alexa Smart Properties devices within the apartments on our campus and our organization’s investment in a sophisticated campus wide Wi-Fi structure, residents don’t need to have a smartphone, Amazon account, or big monetary investment in the technology offered. It is included with their Independent Living residency at Fellowship Square-Mesa and part of our state-of-the-art campus provisions

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Smart Apartments
The smart apartments at Fellowship Square-Mesa (which use internet-connected devices and voice-commands to manage home functions) have improved daily living functions for senior residents through voice-command use of the followingfrom wherever residents are in their home: adjusting the smart thermostat, programming favorite music, calling their friends, turning on lights or using our health check-in service. The adoption of technology at our Senior Living Community has brought a higher level of care and aging excellence to our residents, family members, and dedicated staff.

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