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Health Care visit by doctor in seniors home.At Fellowship Square-Mesa we offer home care, including mobile primary care and home health services, that ensures you have healthcare services available when you need them most—and in the comfort of your own home. Our team of mobile primary care professionals works around your schedule to provide medical appointments at your home that can be covered by health insurance, as well as therapy sessions at our wellness center. Additional home health services offer home-bound patients skilled medical care in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Home Care, including mobile primary care and home health services, is offered at Fellowship Square-Mesa to ensure you have healthcare services available in the convenience of your own home when you need them. Since seniors can feel overwhelmed as they age, we have partnered with some of the best providers around to help make life easier. Having simple access to the care you might need without the hassle of having to drive or schedule transportation is important. 

If you choose, you can have a healthcare provider come directly to your apartment for an appointment. Therapy is facilitated at our Wellness Center onsite. A Home Health representative on our campus will assist you with any questions or details for a smooth home care experience. 

Home Care Services for Seniors

Mobile Primary Care

Operating as a fully mobile Primary Care office, our team of healthcare professionals offer the same care as a traditional doctor’s office, but in the comfort of your own home.  We work to bring as many services to you as possible, so in addition to physical examinations, diagnoses, and treatment of many health conditions, we also coordinate mobile x-rays, blood work, urine analyses, and referrals to home health and mobile specialists if needed.  Accepting most insurance plans, your visits can be covered by your health insurance just like when you go out to a doctor’s office, but without having to arrange transportation or sitting in a waiting room.  Please call us at 480.806.1234 for more information or if you would like to become a new patient.

Home Health Services

Home Health enables home-bound patients to receive skilled medical care within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Whether coming home from a recent hospital stay, our services can help support a successful transition back home. Before being discharged from the hospital, our therapists can perform home safety evaluations to ensure you have all the equipment you need to recover at home safely.

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