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Seniors playing cards together at Fellowship Square Mesa Senior Community. Fellowship Square-Mesa is an established, not-for-profit Senior Living Community that accommodates every stage of senior care for the ‘successful aging’ of our residents. Senior Living options at our premier campus include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, ALTCS Assisted Living, Rehabilitation, and Home Care. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling lifestyle and promote independence for seniors we serve through love, engaging services, proprietary technology, innovative wellness programs, and successful health-centered systems that enhance their quality of life. 

Which senior living option is right for you?

When searching for the right Senior Living Community fit for your life, you need to factor in your level of independence. This will help determine the specific type of senior care that is most suitable for you. Consider the range of care options below that are all offered at Fellowship Square-Mesa by qualified senior care providers.

Independent Senior Living

For seniors who can manage daily activities on their own but would like a little more support as they age, Fellowship Square-Mesa offers affordable Independent Senior Living accommodations that promote an active, engaged lifestyle. Moving into our Senior Living apartments can give you the sense of security, freedom, and community you seek. Independent Senior Living at Fellowship Square-Mesa may be the right choice for you if:

  • You’re in good health and do not require assistance for daily activities.
  • You would like to give up the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a home.
  • You’d prefer to live in a community with your peers.
  • You would like to participate in social activities with other seniors.
  • You would like the security of someone always nearby to offer assistance if needed.

Assisted Living

If you need more help with daily life functions but do not require nursing care and still want to maintain your independence, we offer Oasis Assisted Living. In addition to experiencing the same extensive Independent Living amenities offered on campus, our Assisted Living residents receive professional, personalized assistance while residing in The Oasis. The appropriate balance of independence and assistance promotes a peaceful mind, a lifestyle of dignity, and an improved aging experience.

Memory Care

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia symptoms, or other memory conditions, Memory Care services may be required.The Reflections Memory Care program at Fellowship Square-Mesa (which is nationally certified with Comfort Matters) offers relationship-centered care that enhances each resident’s dignity, independence, and quality of life. Our intentional, one-on-one caretakers—who provide a safe, secure environment where there is no risk of wandering—get to know and understand the spirit, soul, and body (including circadian rhythms) of each senior so they can relate to them the same way loved ones did prior to memory concerns.

ALTcs Assisted Living

As a faith-based and not-for-profit organization, Fellowship Square-Mesa also offers ALTCS  (Arizona Long Term Care System) Assisted Living residence at our Christian Care Manor IV for aging seniors with great financial need. Our ALTCS Assisted Living services have been offered to these seniors in need since 2001. Thanks to the generous donations received through the Charitable Tax Credit program, we continue to provide very low-income residents who have medical frailties with an enriched aging experience. 


At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we understand that unexpected senior care needs may arise or come on suddenly. That is why we offer outpatient therapy for rehabilitation (a.k.a., rehab). This level of care is ideal if you or someone you love has recently experienced a debilitating injury and requires care until they can fully recover.

Home Care

At Fellowship Square-Mesa we offer home care, including mobile primary care and home health services, that ensures you have healthcare services available when you need them most—and in the comfort of your own home. Our team of mobile primary care professionals work around your schedule to provide medical appointments at your home that can be covered by health insurance, as well as therapy sessions at our wellness center. Additional home health services offer home-bound patients skilled medical care in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Is it the right time for Senior Living?

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Seniors and their families are invited to utilize our interactive, online questionnaire about each resident’s desired lifestyle that helps to quickly identify the appropriate range of Senior Living services needed.
Find out which options are the best fit for you or your family with this quick 4-5 minute survey.

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