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Educational Programs are an important aspect of a Senior Living Community. The permanent signage seen upon entry to Fellowship Square-Mesa pays tribute to the importance we place on continuing education: “Lifelong learners live here!!!” We believe it is imperative that the Senior Living lifestyle promotes the stimulation of sharp minds, healthy bodies, improved memory, skill-building, and a feeling of accomplishment. Ongoing education amongst our senior residents will always be prioritized so they continue to try new things, increase their self-confidence, meet people who share their interests, and avoid the trap of boredom.  

Educational Programs for Seniors at Fellowship Square Mesa

Lifelong learning keeps you sharp, keeps mental acuity going, and also curiosity. Just because people become seniors, does it mean that their curiosity stops? But this is one of the places where we come, and we stretch our brains Evan. It enhances my brain because I’m learning all these things or being reminded of them. They do really light up when you show that you’re interested as well on what did they go through and then we talk about the future and where we stand today and we make that bridge of connection. They really feel like they’re still part of life you know, we still share commonality. We still need each other’s understanding because it helps you keep your brain active and keep you up with the times. It helps you learn what the past was but also things in the future how things can change so quickly and keeps me alert. I feel like I learned something every time I attend.

Yes, they’re always willing to listen and learn more from some of us who’ve been in some of these circumstances are have some kind of background in these areas. It’s always a different subject different topic and once you get them engaged and they start to realize that it’s just not simply a lecture, but they actually get to participate we can tell where we’ve been or what we’ve done to contribute to the class.

So I find it a very enjoyable place to come and be and look for I really look forward to it and I’m trying to pull information from them to show how relevant a lot of their own experiences truly are.

Maybe we need some of that wisdom again. Oh, I think being with the people that are my age and I’m amazed at the places. They’ve been and I think well, I never got to go there but now because of Ali I get to find out about these places. These ladies make it exhilarating and they I know they’ve worked real hard doing all the research and putting it all together. I’ve just learned so much. I feel uplifted after I attend these meetings. It’s the one thing that if we lost it your fellowship Square, I think I would miss it the most I wouldn’t want to live if I couldn’t learn anything more. I would think that my life was over. I thank them for the program very much for Ally. It’s a wonderful program and I hope it doesn’t ever stop.


Senior Living Educational ProgramsIn order to help our senior residents live the fullest lifestyle possible on our campus, we have a philosophy that centers on providing five pillars of care: we address our residents’ physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social needs for their whole wellbeing. There is always room to learn and grow in all of these areas, which is why we offer lifelong learning classes each week for all residents in addition to a robust library with many helpful resources. In them, lively discussions are encouraged as seniors have an opportunity to revisit past experiences while also learning new things through guest speakers, book studies, and meaningful connection with others. 


Educational Programs for Senior LivingIn addition to our educational classes offered, Fellowship Square-Mesa provides many other opportunities to grow, cultivate learning, and experience new things—including tailored fitness sessions, Bible studies, various clubs, gardening sites to care for, and volunteer occasions to help others. Our well-stocked library is available to residents on a daily basis, along with meaningful programming on our customizable cable network TV system. There is no shortage of options for residents to continue the pursuit of learning on our campus.  

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