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Recreational Programs are prioritized at our Fellowship Square-Mesa Senior Living Community, as they help our residents have the fullest and most active lifestyle possible while aging successfully. The variety of activities, exercise options, and wellness programs offered—paired with the social connection, healthy food menu, spiritual well-being, and brain health we focus on—is what our residents rave about and appreciate. Healthy options for staying mobile abound on our campus.

Benefits of Staying Active 
We understand the related benefits of seniors staying as active as possible: it helps people live longer, stay healthier, improve strength and balance, be in a better mood, have more energy, and improve cognitive function—all of which lead to staying independent longer. Even adults over 65 years of age with chronic conditions can exercise safely and improve an existing condition, or delay the onset of other conditions, by staying active. Fellowship Square-Mesa offers new residents an initial customized exercise test to measure their gait and balance to help identify any physical movement issues, exercise areas to work on, and a personalized workout benchline for activity (which helps minimize the ‘chance of falling’ percentage for added safety). 

Activity Options
Our health-centered campus offers many indoor and outdoor opportunities to be active, including activity classes, walking paths, beautiful spaces to exercise in nature, and field trips off campus. There are two fully-staffed fitness centers equipped with the latest in senior fitness equipment, complemented by our Health & Wellness and Therapy programs that offer daily group exercises. Our industry-leading health and wellness programs showcase “A Matter of Balance” and “Smart Brain Aging” options. Calling our Senior Living Community home does not mean you have to sacrifice being active and fulfilled. 

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