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Donate Your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to Fellowship Square Mesa

Christian CareIf you have not identified a qualifying charitable organization (QCO) for your year-end giving, there is still time during this last week of 2021 to consider impacting seniors through an Arizona tax credit donation to the Fellowship Square Mesa senior living community. Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit program allows you as a taxpayer to easily designate your state income tax withholdings as a donation to the qualifying charitable organization of your choice. Fellowship Square Mesa qualifies as a donation receipt for the Arizona Tax Credit since it is part of the Christian Care Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and offers an ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) Assisted Living property that provides impactful medical care to underserved seniors.

What Your Donation Can Do.

Charitable Donation - Changed my Life When your tax money that is paid to the State of Arizona is redirected to Fellowship Square Mesa, it helps provide high-quality medical care for our low-income seniors who rely on government assistance for their essential Assisted Living care. Your generosity helps ensure that the seniors in our safe community are well-cared for by respectful caretakers who value the well-being of each individual. In the words of our Executive Director, Jon Scott Williams, “With the infusion of Charitable Tax Credit funds, we are able to enrich the aging experience for the neediest seniors at a time when they are often abandoned by society.” Tax-deductible donations allow these important services, programs, and facilities to be funded for seniors whose financial circumstances may not allow for this high level of care otherwise. Donors can expect that Fellowship Square Mesa utilizes donated funds to provide a fulfilling lifestyle for seniors where independence and purpose-filled living is promoted, while care for their whole health is a number one priority.[/caption]

How To Claim Your Tax Credit

Arizona tax credit donors can rest easy knowing that the donation process is easy there is no need to itemize deductions on your Arizona tax return— and donors will receive a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit for their donation. Single filers can donate up to $400 and married donors (filing jointly) can donate up to $800, with one hundred percent of donations going to the care provided by our skilled nursing center—Christian Care Mesa Manor IV (QCO Code 20819 and Tax ID # 86-0828879, for use on the Arizona form 321). Also, your tax credit donation to our senior care property is separate from, and in addition to, Arizona’s Foster Care Tax Credit or a Public/Private School Tuition Tax Credit. CLICK HERE to make your charitable tax credit donation to Fellowship Square Mesa. Thank you for considering our valued, aging seniors for your Arizona Tax Credit decision!